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Student Status

In general, apartments at the Ramona may not be occupied by households consisting entirely of full-time students. A full-time student is defined as an individual who attends school full-time (as defined by the institution being attended) for some part of five (5) or more months in the current calendar year. The 5 months do not need to be consecutive. Full-time students who work full-time are still considered students. Individuals attending on-the-job training courses are not considered to be students.

Ramona Apartments - Courtyard

Some exceptions may apply. If all members of the household are full-time students, the applicants may still qualify for residency if:

  • The students are married and file a joint tax return; or
  • At least one student is a single parent with a child or children and this parent is not a dependent of another individual and the children are not dependents of someone other than the other (or absent) parent; or
  • At least one student receives welfare assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act (AFDC, TANF, etc.); or
  • At least one student is enrolled in and receiving assistance under the Job Training Partnership Act, the Workforce Investment Act, or other similar programs operating under Federal, State or local laws; or
  • At least one student was previously under the care and placement responsibility of the state agency responsible for administering foster care.