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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t the Pearl District too expensive for average people?

Ramona Apartments - Fremont Bridge

Not at the Ramona and not at a lot of other buildings in the Pearl too. Many people are surprised at how much affordable housing there is in the Pearl District. The city has helped finance hundreds of apartments so that average Portlanders can afford to live here. The Pearl District also has plenty of affordable options for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Can anyone live at the Ramona?

No. There are two major restrictions:

Contact our leasing office for more information. Our leasing staff will be happy to explain the income limits, the related restrictions, and our screening criteria to you.

What happens if my income increases after I move in?

If your income increases over time, this generally won’t have any effect on your eligibility or your rent.

How do I know I won’t get a big rent increase after I move in?

We have committed to keep all of the apartments at the Ramona affordable for 60 years. Rents on the apartments will increase as our expenses increase, but the increases will be limited and are monitored by city and state agencies.

Is it complicated to apply?

There are extra forms for you to fill out when you first apply. Our staff will need to verify your financial information so they will be doing most of the extra work.

What else is different about living here?

Ramona Apartments - Interior detail
  • After you move in, the staff will need to re-certify your income once a year.
  • There are more inspections than in most buildings. The city and state agencies who provided the financing want to make sure that we’re being good stewards of those public resources. They come to inspect our records each year, to look at the building, and to check some percentage of the apartments. These inspections are brief. We’ll always give all tenants notice in advance that their apartment might be inspected. (Until the day of the visit, we don’t know which apartments will be selected for inspection.)